Bill's Hot-Rod Wheelchair

# I didn't have enough money to buy one of the highly hyped Segway scooters so settled for a 3-Wheel "Jhing Daeng" (red Chinese) version, still a quite expensive big boy toy. After a few jaunts around the neighborhood I got bored and decided to convert the thing into something useful to recover my money. Since I'm approaching 100 (I'm now still a young 90!) I had a premonition that I might need a wheelchair to help me get there.

Since the legs are the first to go I sensed that I'd do better sitting down. So I added a chair. Now for the details. #

The chair is a stripped down secretary chair, to make it easier to mount, it swivels. This was the most difficult modification. That seat is mostly cardboard and to come up with a mod' that would with-stand the stressful manoeuvres of a cripple climbing on required a bit of outboard-rigging to the few metal parts. Squeeze that handle under the left side of the seat to release the limit stops.

# The chassis had to be stretched to facilitate getting on and off added a DPDT switch in the power leads to provide reverse locomotion - feature you won't find on commercial versions costing five times as much; probably a safety feature. But being able to reverse is a very useful feature when manoeuvring around in a crowded house.

# Got a bit carried away adding extra features, such as an LED head lamp, a horn that doesn't toot but plays a tune (I have tried to figure out how I can re-program it to play "On the Road Again" or "In my Merry Oldsmobile"), and a professional all band radio (if the battery goes dead, wind it up and stay tuned-in. Added an extra battery to handle the extras so that the main battery stays charged for emergency travel.

Ok, now why I call it my "Hot-Rod Wheel Chair". The thing will go 20 MPH - forward or backward - 20 MPH backwards!