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Bill's Parking Notice

Bil Parking
Cleanliness and tidiness
of the country.
Year 2535.

Given Nath
Provided as at 19 February 2535.
Being the 47th year of the present reign.

His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great Curtain Assets.
Is graciously pleased to proclaim that:.Whereas it is expedient to revise the law and keeping clean.Tidiness of the country. His Majesty the King graciously.The King, by and with the advice. And consent of the state legislature.The following Act of Parliament.

Section 1 is called. "Act on maintaining cleanliness. And tidiness of state 2535 ".
Section 2 of this Act shall apply in municipal sanitation Bangkok And Pattaya. After the expiration of thirty days from the date of publication. In the Government Gazette.* [Producer .2535/15/28/28 February 2535].For Provincial Administration Organization. This Act is in force. The Provincial Administration or any local area and how to apply all or any section except the section. The Ministry of Interior announced. Gazette.For local government other than those specified in paragraphs one and two of this Act shall apply to the Minister. Ministry of Interior announced.

(1) mayor for the municipality.
(2) Chairman of the Sanitary Commission. For the sanitary 
(3) the governor. For the Provincial Administration.
(4) The Governor of Bangkok. For in Bangkok.
(5) Permanent Secretary of Pattaya. For the city.
(6) The chief executive of the local government and the law.
Assigned to the local government. For the local government area."Competent" means.

(1) Municipal Clerk and Deputy Municipal Clerk. For the municipality.

(2) Permanent sanitation. For the sanitary

(3) Permanent Secretary for Provincial Administration and the Sheriff of the Provincial Administration.

(4) Permanent Secretary, Bangkok Area director. And assistant director of the county. For in Bangkok.

(5) Deputy Permanent Secretary of Pattaya. For the city.

(6) The local official who is appointed by a competent authority. 

This Act."Local government" means a municipal sanitary condition. Bangkok Pattaya and parent organization. Other local law requires a local government."Local provisions" means the provisions of the ordinance or regulations enacted by local government.
Section 5 The Minister of Interior and Minister. Ministry of Health of this Act. And shall have the power to. The fee shall not exceed the rate of this Act and the other activities for the execution of this Act shall, in relation with Authority of the Ministry.Section. Upon its publication in the use of force.

Section 1. The cleanliness of the public and public ________.

Section 6, the owner or occupant of a building or area. Adjacent to the sidewalk. Is responsible for cleaning the sidewalk adjacent to the building. Or areas of the building.In the case of the market. Whether it is a market that sells food products regularly. Every day or only occasionally. The owner is responsible for cleaning the sidewalk. Adjacent to the market. And the possession of any part of the marketing function. Clean the area they occupy.In keeping clean under this section. Owner or occupant. Building or area of ​​the building owner or occupant of any portion of the market will be assigned to one person or several people are responsible for maintaining. Clean their behalf. And delegates responsibility and liability for the assignment. In the event of a breach or failure to comply with this Section, and shall not find it. The assignment. Shall not be assigned. And the owner or occupant. Building or area of ​​the building owner or occupant of any portion of the market is liable for the breach or failure to comply with this Section.

Section 7 In the line of duty by a person under Article 6, Section 6 has the power to act in violation of this Act to be done or to modify. The offenses under this Act. If you were or were not. Non-compliance. To immediately inform the competent authority under Section 51 to be used as evidence that he is not guilty under this section.

Section 8 owner or occupant of any building or land.(1) Place the planter on the sidewalk or planting trees outside. He is the owner or occupant of the building. And abandoned to the tree. Wilting or untidy condition. Or abandoned for a sewage or waste. Potted plants or outside the building.(2) abandoned the trees or crops planted on their own or in Their land to wither or untidy condition. Or to have abandoned. Sewage or solid waste disposal in their land.If abandoned by (2) is a condition in which people could be seen from a public owner or occupant of a building with an offense under this Act.

Section 9 prohibits any bath or washing anything on the street or in a public place, except as specified. Or in the water at official A local ban.Advertisements by 

Section 10 or scatters off the left post or pad. Flyers in public. Will be made upon receipt of approval from regulators. Or local officials. And the need to comply with the rules or With the conditions specified in the permit.Application for the license fee, and the fee waiver request. According to the rules and regulations prescribed in such circumstances should be clearly defined. Allowed or not allowed. And the time allowed to consider as well.The provisions of paragraph one shall not apply to the actions of local government. Other parts of government or state agency or authority or advertising done by turning off the post at the place where the local government. Arranged for them. Or an ad in the elections under the law. The elected members of the state legislature. Local council or the governor. Bangkok And advertising with the notice of the owner or Occupant of a building or tree. Just to know the name of the owner or occupant of a building or buildings or any other building on the right and enter. Out of the building.

Section 11 and under Section 10 without permission from Local official or officer. Or permitted, but did not practice. According to the rules specified in the license. The local official or Competent authority in writing to advertisers or clear discharge demolition flashing text or images within a given time.If such advertising shall contain text or images with impact. Ordre public or morality or the authority shall have the power to remove pornography demolition or flashing text or images that have been cleared. Without charge from advertisers as to the actual cost.Article 12 prohibits any scraping crack freehand painting or display in any way that text or image, any wall next to the road on the road, a tree or any part of the building adjacent to. street or in a public place unless the action of the local government. Other parts of government. Or enterprises. An agency with authority to do so.

Section 13 freight cars, which use animal waste, sewage, sand, gravel, stone, clay, or anything else. The car must be in a condition that prevents manure. Such leakage or spillage dust blown onto the road in the car, including the need to prevent oil leaks from cars onto the road.If a case under paragraph one occurs. The competent. Traffic or police officer on duty has the power to control traffic. The driver bring the vehicle to the police station. Being transported. Or the offices of the local government and anchored it to the owner or occupant of the car to pay the fine.

Article 14 prohibits any person.(1) Grazing pets or animals on the road or towed into the area. A local official has announced prohibited.(2) allowing the animals taken on the road and did not eliminate the value of the build up.The provisions of paragraph one shall not apply to the receipt of approval from regulators. Led local animal or herd animals or towed along. And interest charges. Cleanliness requirements of the district.Article 15 prohibits any car wash. Motorcycle Or wheel. On a street or public And the public street or dirt sloppy.

Section 16 No person shall use any portion of the road is where the repair, renovation or installation of automobile accessories. Motorcycle Or wheel.The provisions of paragraph one shall apply to the modified car. Motorcycle Wheel or an engine failure or malfunctioning equipment while on the road. To the vehicle or Casters such use in the future.

Section 17 prohibits any person.(1) action in respect of any damage to the pavement.(2) parking or driving. Motorcycle Except for the scroll wheel on the pavement or parking or driving to the building or a declaration of Official permit parking or driving traffic.

Section 18 No person shall place or leave the vehicle remains on the road or public

Section 19 prohibits any person to place or stack any objects on the road unless it is done in a local authority or competent. Prescribed with the approval of the official traffic.

Section 20 prohibits any person.(1) cook or sell products on the street. Or in public.(2) use the scroll wheel drive or cook for sale or distribution. To people on the street or in a public place.(3) the sale or distribution of the load on the car. Motorcycle Or wheel. On the street or in public.The provisions of paragraph one shall not apply to the sale of food or products.Under (1) or (2) in the street or in a personal or local official. Competent official shall be permitted during the day. Time specified by The approval of the official traffic.

Section 21: No person in the car or the driver or the passenger pillion. Motorcycle Products sold or distributed in public places or on the street. The private road.

Section 22 No person shall drive or propel any drover into the water. Local official or officer is posted as prohibited area.Article 23 prohibits any pouring or dumping gravel, sand, clay or concrete construction debris into the water or the action, or with respect to any such objects or falling in the water.The local authority or the competent authority shall order the action to move the object away from the water within. Local official or officials designated time. And if the offender. Such a barrier to drainage or sewer ditches silted have the power to order the offender under paragraph one modified to water the restore if neglect also guilty of disobedience Officer. according Penal Code already. The local official or officer. Proceedings for an offense under this Act continue.

Section 24, the owner and distributor of food or drink which. Locations for customer service, while no less than twenty people must be provided with toilet hygiene as prescribed in the Ministerial Regulations. For customer use. During trading.The provisions of paragraph one shall not apply to the owners and distributors. Or drink which is held in a particular festival or occasion.

Section 25 owned stations, selling fuel or Gas for vehicles. Be provided with sanitary latrines that prescribed by the regulations.

Section 2. Maintaining lawns and trees in the streets and public _______.

Section 26 prohibits the dumping of any solid waste or sewage poured a pile of sand, gravel, stone, clay, or anything else in the area planted with grass or tree service. The local government or state-owned.

Section 27 prohibits any tree felling cut cool or act with respect to any damages or is likely to harm the tree or leaves, flowers, or any part of the plants or the wild in public. Or place of publicThe provisions of paragraph one shall not apply to the actions of the delegates from Competent. Or have written permission to cut or trim trees. Local official.

Section 28 prohibits the discharge or propel any animals into the area. Local government. Other parts of government. Enterprises have grown or allowed. Planting grass or trees are to others. And signs are posted or embroidery.

Section 3. Never dispose of sewage waste in public places and public _________.

Section 29 prohibits any person to defecate or urinate in public. Which is not a public place or a place where the local government has set aside for that purpose.

Section 30 prohibits any person only. Release or discharge feces or urine. Of water into a building or vehicle.

Section 31 prohibits any person.(1) rinse or spit phlegm or spit, pour water shortage blow away anything on the road or on the car or the boat.(2) dispose of sewage or waste in the container or the public. Local government has placed.Article 32 prohibits any person.(1) dispose of sewage or solid waste onto the public.(2) a sewage or waste abandoned their land in the state. People could be seen from a public place.Article 33 prohibits any pouring or dumping sewage waste or sewage. Anything else on the road or in the water.The provisions of paragraph one shall not apply to the owner or occupant of the vessel or Building a houseboat. Which in the local park or the local official has not been made. Public toilets or sewage or solid waste container for disposal.

Section 34 prohibits the discharge of any content or feces or urine from the building. Or vehicle in a public place or in public.Chapter 4. Maintaining tidiness.

Article 35 prohibits any action with respect to any residence hall lamp sign bench wear or anything else. The local government. Other parts of government. Enterprises have been prepared for the public. Damage or can not use.Article 36 prohibits any person climbing or sitting on the fence, wall or tree in the public braced.Article 37 prohibits any person standing, sitting or lying on public rail bridge. Or sleeping in public.

Section 38 prohibits any kite sport soccer ball or on the road or in any public place or any part of the facility is shared with the local official announced prohibited.

Section 39 prohibits the installation of any dry place or hang anything in public except with the permission of the local official or officer or employee of the local government act. Government or the other. Or state agency with authority to do so. Or be placed temporarily.Installed dry place or hang anything in public without a. Permit from the local authority or competent. Or permission. Did not comply with the criteria set out in the license. The Treasurer. Or local official shall have the authority to order the release of the first paragraph. Or demolition within the time limit. If he neglect the guilty. The official under the Criminal Code then disobedience. The Treasurer. Local or prosecution under this Act shall continue.

Section 40 prohibits the installation of any place or hang dry anything the building in a dirty or cluttered and tidy condition. People could be seen from a public place.If such cases occur. Local official or officer.A written warning to keep or cause to be done. If installed, the owner or occupant of the building neglect guilty of disobedience. Official under the Penal Code. The local official or Proceedings under this Act shall continue.

Section 41, the owner of the building, which is located in a distance of less than twenty feet from Lane bordering the road surface width of not less than eight meters. And the passer-by. Building or area of ​​a building can be seen from the road. Maintenance building. Shall not dirty clutter.

Section 5. Local official or the official's authority. ________.

Section 42 in Bangkok. The powers of the Minister. Interior Minister to advise the Governor of Bangkok. To the imperfections in the preservation of a clean and well-being. Order as provided in this Act.Municipal sanitation in the city, and local government and the powers of the Governor. And the Permanent Secretary. Interior for in the Provincial Administration.

Section 43 The governor of Bangkok. Provincial governor The Provincial Administration Permanent Secretary of Pattaya City Mayor, Chairman of Sanitation is responsible for the implementation of this Act. The officer who was in command of his administration.In cases where there has been a delegate to the Deputy Governor of Bangkok Or permanent Bangkok Sheriff's Deputy Governor, Mayor or Municipal Clerk. Sanitary Commission. Permanent sanitary Or management organization. Other administrative assistant duties. The delegates are responsible. As well as the assignment.

Section 44, the powers and duties as provided in this Act. The local official and shall have the following powers and duties.(1) How the public aware of their duty to comply. This Act.(2) monitor and narrowing to a breach of this Act strictly.(3) warn the offender. Or order the offender to fix. Or eliminate the impurities or disorder or untidiness away.(4) the offender is arrested and prosecuted for disobeying caution. This Act.

Section 45 of this Act when the offense occurred. In any area and may not know the official Offenders staff officer of the local people together to eliminate or modify the law. Appeared in a public place or public anymore.The local authority to provide equipment and facilities. Competent to perform. And to regulate the practice. Officer under paragraph one.

Section 46 in the case of the arrest of the offender under this Act. Shall notify the offender to remove the clear sweep renovated what was wrong, that the longer the period of time specified if the offender compliance. The case shall be terminated if the offender fails to comply. Competent authority or a delegate. For others to make a clean and tidy and the offender to pay the costs of the clean up or organize a. Order as to the actual cost to the local authority to pay expenses, but does not override or suspend the proceedings for the offense. Offender.

Section 47 provides a powerful local official announced schedule. Do not enter or remain in public Declared it to be installed or hung in What the public is not axiomatic.

Section 48 of the offenses under this Act. The Treasurer. Local or local official who is authorized to appoint the officers. Comparison. On the accused to pay the fine within fifteen days as compared deemed settled under the Code of Criminal Procedure.If the accused does not consent or agree to pay, then do not. Fines within the prescribed time period. The impeachment proceedings to continue.Fines from the comparison in the first paragraph. The share of those who are under 51 and half competent. Traffic police officer or traffic control duties. The arrest of the half.Under 

Section 49 to Section 48 paragraph three above. Compare fines under this Act to be income of the local government.

Section 50 in the case of an offender, or have reason to suspect that An offense under this Act. The local official and employee. Officers are authorized to arrest an offender or suspected offender then.Vehicles equipped with the tools and objects used to commit to. Implementation of the law. In the line of duty. The local official and the official show. Identification when requested by the person concerned. Identity card. According to the Minister. Ministry of the Interior.

Section 51 in the case of an offender under this Act. The witness may inform the officer. Local official. Or competent. To officers. Local official. Or the competent authority without delay and shall be deemed to be a public witness such offense by the victim. Code of Criminal Procedure.Chapter 6. Penalties. ______.Any person who violates 

Section 52, Article 9, Section 14, Section 36, Section 37 or Section 38, or contravenes or fails to comply with the official announcements. Local declaration under section 47 is liable to a fine not exceeding five hundred BahtArticle 53 Any person who violates or fails to comply with Article 6, Section 21 or Section 28 shall be liable to a fine not exceeding one thousand Baht

Section 54 Any person who violates or fails to comply with the first paragraph of Article 8, Section 15, Section 20, Section 22, Section 26, Section 27, Section 29, Section 31, Section 32, Section 35, Section 39, Section 40 or Section 41 shall be liable to a fine not exceeding two thousand baht

Section 55 Any person driving a truck of manure, sand, gravel, stone, clay, or waste oils and such objects can fall or leak dust blown onto the road. Shall be liable to a fine not exceeding three thousand BahtArticle 56 Any person who violates or fails to comply with Section 10 paragraph one, Section 12, Section 16, paragraph one of Section 17 or Section 18 shall be liable to a fine not exceeding five thousand Baht

Section 57 Any person who violates or fails to comply with Section 13 paragraph one, Section 19, Section 23, Section 30, Section 33 or Section 34 paragraph one shall be liable to a fine not exceeding ten thousand Baht

Section 58 Any person who violates or fails to comply with Section 24 or Section 25 shall be liable to a fine not exceeding two thousand bahtThere shall be fined in accordance with the first paragraph. Who violates or fails to comply with Section 24 or Section 25 shall be liable to a daily fine of one hundred days until it is lined up correctly according to the regulations.

Section 59 officers. Local correctional officer or employee who fails to comply with Section 51 shall be liable to the same punishment as the offender. Guilty according to the police report it.Provisions. ______.

Section 60 of the application filed before the date of this Act. Enforcement and is under consideration by the local authority or the officer authorized employees and licenses granted before the date of enforcement of this Act. Or practice of the license by the licensee shall be treated as an application for permit and license under this Act.Appeal under 

Section 61 of the Act and the cleanliness. The government order of 2503 filed before the date of enactment. This Act comes into force. Remain valid until the Minister of Interior. The final decision.

Section 62 All ministerial regulations, notifications or orders issued by virtue of the Act and the cleanliness. The order of the country in 2503 to continue to use force to the extent not inconsistent with the provisions of this Act.Countersigned. Anand Punyarachun. Premier